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Hi there,

Firstly, I send my love and care to you if at the moment you are feeling low, anxious, sad and possibly hopeless. There is help, please reach out, it could possibly be the best decision of your life. 


There is hope.....please keep going!


So a little about me. I`m Penny, I am a warm, friendly, down to earth, and deeply caring Psychotherapist and Counsellor. I work long or short term with adults confidentially, face to face, online and also provide telephone counselling.


I am experienced with a vast array of complex client issues. I am proud that through therapy many of my clients see wonderful life changing results. It’s humbling and a privilege to be able to experience a client walk in feeling desperately hopeless but leave therapy feeling healed and able to look forward to life again. I work professionally and care immensely about the well-being of every client and I will endeavor to use all of my ability and experience to help you find calm and peace in your life again.

Different modalities personalised with care and collaboration to suit each individual clients needs

  • Psycho-dynamic
  • Humanistic
  • Gestalt
  • Transactional Analysis (T.A)
  • C.B.T
  • Art and Music Therapy


 At Mind and Soul Counselling and Psychotherapy, I provide confidential face-to-face and online therapy services for individuals experiencing a vast array of complex issues. Within my experienced I use a variety of therapeutic techniques to help clients find calm and peace in their lives.

But does Therapy really work you may ask? I am personally a huge advocate of therapy!


Because I am a survivor of trauma.

I once was in a position of feeling hopeless, desperate to feel normal and happy.

I hope to inspire you as a testament to counselling and to feel there is hope. 


I would like to share with you that through my own therapy over 25 years ago I now have a happy and fulfilling contented life.I became a Counsellor/ Psychotherapist as I knew firsthand how powerful therapy can be and I wanted to share this with others who like me were feeling desperate and hopeless. In fact you may be surprised to hear that I feel my experiences and challenges have enhanced me as a human being and especially as a therapist.


I consider my strengths to be I can connect more deeply to a clients life story and extend my compassion, empathy and understanding.


I also have a natural ability to make clients feel safe, calm and relaxed, even the most nervous !

My future clients,

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"I will be there with you to support you safely through the tears but also there will be times when we can smile and share laughter. I will not ever judge you but only have you in my highest esteem. I will care for and respect you. I will not ever make you feel pressurized. I will always be genuine and my real self. I will always be kind. I will help you to untangle your life and be at your side on your journey of self-discovery".


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