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Psycho dynamic therapy looks into a clients past from earliest memories to find links and patterns with issues which can be attributed to or from any point in their life history.

Many clients see incredible results using this theory. Long term therapy is better suited as unravelling difficult issues in someones life must be done with great care at a slower pace. It can also be used as a short term tool used integrated with other modalities.


Here`s a little look into my own feelings about how I feel Psychodynamic therapy can help and why.


We are born with the beautiful essence of our real self also known as our sub-conscious, spirit, soul and of course many other names. During childhood children who have the support, care, and  freedom can continue to thrive into adulthood with better self-love,confidence and fulfilment as their real self can continue to have self growth.

However, for many during childhood and into adulthood the real self is suppressed, and someone’s potential is not reached.It can cause both physical and psychical issues such as anxiety, depression, low self worth issues etc. YOUR real self/sub conscious mind is trying to guide you. 

We are what our belief system tells us; the problem is that our belief system is commonly faulty.

Let’s think of ourselves as computers, we are programmed or conditioned by society, parents, siblings, friends, teachers, and carers. The outcome is we have a hard drive of what others say we are, what we must do and who we must be. 

We can also take on unresolved issues from previous generations. If a carer/parent has had childhood issues such as abuse, alcoholic parents, lack of care, abandonment we take on what is known as transference issues. 


By uncovering the root of issues, clients are able to finally let go, create healthy boundaries, start healing and love themselves, their real self.


We are more peaceful when SOUL AND MIND becomes one. 


By uncovering small but crucial pieces of a clients life we are able to understand that not only do we often take on fake beliefs but live our lives as a shadow of ourselves. When we start to  open our minds we began to listen to our real self which feels good and as such began to have a more fulfilling life with less confusion and pain.


Our real self ALWAYS knows what we really need for ourselves.

Even when we suppress and reject our real self 

the little voice continues within us.

Are you listening to yours?

Unlocking the real you can help you feel more content, satisfied and confident its leads to the most important road of all - Learning to love yourself and who you really are and was always, meant to be. 

This is what your real self truly craves for you to experience every day.

I want you to truly shine from the inside, set yourself free from the barriers and beliefs which are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Brain Illustration

The happiest we feel as humans is when we strive to reach our goals.

My goal is to help you to help yourself move towards your goals.

My Approach
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